What size ATV is right for me?
First, we recommend checking with your state and local laws to determine if there are specific engine size or age limit regulations that govern your area. Next, grab a ruler and measure. The dimensions for most units can be found in the specifications list on the product page. To make shopping easier, we may provide broad age recommendations, physical dimensions, seat height, engine size, power output and list safety features where applicable. We may also label units to suggest the intended operator size or age; such as Mini, Mid, Medium, Full Size, etc. These labels and recommendations are intended as general guidelines only and should not be considered binding in any sense. Some age groups may overlap and the sizes and specifications of similar units may vary significantly. Please review all information provided and carefully consider how it applies to you or your children. Only you know your or your child's physical and mental abilities, strength, skill and maturity, and only you can adequately determine which ATV is appropriate for your given situation.

What assembly is required when I receive my ATV?
Your ATV will come to you as it would a dealership. Therefore, you will need to inflate the tires, install the wheels, handlebars, charge the battery, change the oil, check all nuts and bolts for tightness, check your chain, possibly make minor carburetor adjustments if necessary (adjusting screws), add gas, etc. Set up time depends on experience but usually takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

What general maintenance is required for ATVs and Go Karts?
Please follow your manufacturer recommendations. If you do not receive them, let us know, and we will email you a general maintenance schedule. Some simple procedures include changing the oil, lubricating moving parts, checking tightness of bolts and chain and daily inspection.

Where are these ATVs made?
Most of our ATVs are engineered and manufactured in quality factories in China.

Do you send me the paperwork to Register my ATV locally?
Yes you will be provided with your invoice upon order and a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) that comes with the ATV.

Where do you ship to?
We ship to any business address within the US!

Is ordering online with VTP Motorsports safe?
We have secure online ordering which tells you that we are a company you can count on.

What forms of payments do you accept?
We take most common form of payments, such as:

Credit/Debit Cards/ Prepaid Credit Cards

Will I receive an invoice?
Yes, absolutely, you will receive your receipt within 5 minutes of your order via email. Please make sure you provide an accurate email address so you will receive all your important notifications and documents.

What is the shipping/delivery time?
We use UPS Freight for ATVs and Go Karts. From Date of order until the time you receive your ATV/Go Kart is approximately 7-14 business days. The date you place your order, you will receive a "Liability Release" email. This is very important, the form will have an acceptance button on it that you will need to click before our processing department will process your order, so the sooner you read through the terms and accept the liability agreement, the sooner we can process your order. Once the order is shipped you will receive a tracking number via email (usually within 6 days) so you will have a better idea of arrival.

When will I receive my tracking information?
You should receive a tracking number within 7 business days of placing your order and accepting the liability release form. If you do not, please feel free to contact us to ask for tracking status.

Does my ATV or Go Kart come with a warranty?
Yes absolutely! You will receive the manufacturers warranty with each vehicle. You can read each warranty in its entirety on the specs page of the unit, under the warranty tab.

Can I order parts through VTP Motorsports?
Yes, we not only have access to thousands of parts for the brands we sell but we can provide parts for other brands, as well. If you're unable to locate the part you need in our online selection, please submit a support request on our contacts page, and we will send a quote for the parts you need along with instructions for placing an order.

For quicker service, remember that simple parts like nuts, bolts, spark plugs, and fuel filters can be purchased locally at places like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, a lawn mower repair shop, local small engine dealer or auto parts store.

Do I have to mix gas and oil for fuel?
If the unit you purchased is a 2-stroke, you will need to mix oil and gas according to the manufacturer's recommendations. However, most unit we sell are 4-stroke, so there is no mixing gas and oil, although you must ensure there is sufficient oil in the engine before operating the unit.

We are here to work with you, and we want you to enjoy your new ATV. Because we cannot physically inspect the vehicle, you are our eyes, hands and ears as we work to correct the problem. Cooperating and working with us helps us get a solution faster.